Welcome To Pia Carrot

Hentai Movie Plot Description:

Yusuke starts working at his father’s restaurant, “Pia Carrot,” for the summer. Shouko, who has feelings for Yusuke, asks Satomi for advice. Satomi lends her a helping hand but is irritated when she sees Yusuke go into the “Love” hotel with Shouko.

Inside the shower of the hotel room, she tells him that she is still a virgin and has never had sex before. Yusuke, intrigued and aroused, quickly forgets about Reika as they crawl into bed together.

Yusuke’s father told him that Shiho, the manager of “Pia Carrot,” was leaving due to family issues. Upset and confused, he sees Shiho on his way home from the park. She invites him to her apartment and gently comforts him. Yusuke puts his face in her full breasts and begs her not to go before seducing her as well.

Pia Carrot

Hentai Movie Plot Description:

“Pia Carrot” is a famous family restaurant that has beautiful waitresses who serve in cute sexy costumes. Yusuke, whose father owns the restaurant, is forced to work part time during the summer break because of his poor grades in school. His classmate and coworker Satomi teases him and orders him around at the restaurant while Shiho carefully scrutinizes every move he makes.
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